Azelaic Acid Hydroquinone Niacinamide (non prescription)

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Indications: Epidermal melasma (melasma affecting the upper layers of the skin).

Our compounding lab can incorporate a combination of highly potent ingredients tailored to your unique needs. This is also known as customised medicine and there are many benefits:

✔ The pharmacy strength ingredients are uniquely tailored to you, giving you the opportunity to treat difficult skin conditions effectively. When you order your melasma cream with us, we will get in touch with you each month to check in on your progress. 

✔ The products are made in single batches so there are fewer preservatives in them, and

✔ The formulations have been tried and tested to stand the test of time. They are either listed in the British Pharmacopeia or the Australian Formulary Handbook and are widely accepted by healthcare professionals as the treatment of choice for a particular condition. The formulas are slightly modified to suit your unique needs without losing their potency. 

✔ Melasma is resistent to treatment and often over the counter creams will not provide appreciable results. Before we compound your products, we will perform an assessment to make sure the ingredients are right for you. Learn more about melasma treatment.


Where do you compound my products?

✔ We compound our prescription products in a registered pharmacy laboratory in Brisbane and our operations comply with all Australian pharmacy regulations. 

How do I know if I am using or using my products correctly?

✔ We will provide you with detailed information to get the most out of your treatment. Our pharmacist will also get in touch with you to answer any questions you may have. Quality use of medicines is always important to us.

Do I need to come in and pick up my products?

✔ We express post your Customised Prescription products. You can also choose to Click and Collect at your nearest pharmacy. We will send you an SMS when your order is ready for collection 😊

Why does the product only have a 30day expiry?

✔ The expiry date for all compounded medicines is labelled in accordance with the Australian Pharmaceutical Formulary (APF). 

What if I am not happy with the products?

✔ If you are unhappy with the quality of the product when it is received or if you do not see results within 60 days of your treatment, we will happily refund your money. Our initial assessment ensures we are confident our compounded products will provide the results you seek. 


Australian Domestic: Free over $69 or $9.00 under $69


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