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Determining your skin type is important, especially when it comes to selecting the right skin care to work for you, not against you. 

The physiological state of our skin can change from season to season and it can also be influenced by the use of heaters, air conditioners etc. These factors are important to keep in mind because your skin type can change slightly depending on your environment.


Here are 3 Ways to Determine What Your Skin Type is. 



Take note of how your skin feels and look from the morning to the evening after work. 

  • Dry Skin - Your skin will feel dry and tight by the end of the day 
  • Oily Skin - Your skin looks shiny by lunchtime
  • Normal Skin - There is minimal change to the skin throughout the day
  • Combination Skin - Your T-zone looks shiny but the rest of the face looks normal 
  • Sensitive Skin - Your skin is red and can be itchy or flaky 



Another easy method to determine your skin type is the wash test. After cleansing with a mild cleanser, pat dry and do not apply any products for fifteen to thirty minutes. You are likely to have:  

  • Dry Skin - if the skin feels tight within 15 minutes.
  • Normal skin - if the skins' physiological state remains unchanged during this time

The Wash Test has its limitations. It is difficult to use the wash test to determine if your skin is normal, combination or oily within such a short time frame.

The wash test is also great method to determine if you are using the right cleanser! In summary, if the skin feels normal thirty minutes after cleansing, you are on the right track. 



Dermatology clinics now offer AI solutions to determine you skin type without you having to visit the clinic.

Figuring out your skin type should not be an expensive exercise and it doesn't have to be rocket science either. We hope this article helps you start your skincare journey on the right path.



Author: Casey Bowden

Reviewed by Helen Huynh B Pharm. MPS




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