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Minoxidil 5% Azelaic Acid 5% Saw Palmetto (alcohol-free) 60ml

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No SLS, Parabens, Mineral Oil, Silicones

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Minoxidil 5A is a bespoke, fast drying formula designed for women who cannot use topical Finasteride. Distilled in barrels of Olevit™ prevents Minoxidil from crystallising. Key ingredients:

Minoxidil assist to regrow hair

Saw Palmetto s a natural DHT inhibitor, assist to prevent hair follicles from miniaturising

Azelaic acid shown to reduce hair loss when used with Minoxidil in several clinical studies

Biotin are additional add-ons and does not come with the standard formula. 

Please note: this item comes from Médicii Laboratories using high-quality pharmaceutical-grade ingredients, including plant extracts, to ensure there is a consistent concentration of fatty acid in every batch. Before we can ship your order, please complete the quiz above.


minoxidil 5


▪ How is this different to the standard Minoxidil formulations?

Minoxidil 5A is formulated with 5-alpha-reductase inhibitors, an enzyme that is responsible for increasing dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in scalp tissue. High levels of DHT is responsible for causing hair follicles to miniaturise. It is formulated for men and women as an alternative for topical Finasteride. It will never be as powerful as Finasteride, but it also doesn't come with the same risk profile.

▪ How long can I expect to see results?

Reduced hair shedding can be expected to be seen after two months when used daily. Allow 3 months to see the best response. 

▪ Is this suitable for both men and women?

It can be used in men and women. It is not recommended during pregnancy or breastfeeding. This formula was designed for women to replace topical Finasteride but men can also use it too.

▪ Is alcohol-free Minoxidil effective?

New research shows alcohol-free minoxidil is as effective as alcoholic minoxidil with less adverse effects. There is also greater patient tolerability and lower drop out rates during clinical trials.

Apply to the affected areas on the scalp twice daily. Massage into the scalp until it is well absorbed. 

Good To Know

▪ Patch test before use. For external use only. Do not use during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

▪ Avoid contact with eyes. If contact occurs, rinse immediately with water.

▪ If rash or irritation develops, discontinue use. Keep out of reach of children. If swallowed, seek immediate medical attention.


▪ Do not use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

▪ Do not use if you have uncontrolled hypertension.

▪ Do not use if you have other scalp issues.

▪ Do not use if you do not have a family history of hair loss.

▪ Do not use if you have allergies to the ingredients.

▪ Do not use if you are under 18years old or over 65years old without consulting with your doctor first.


Australian Domestic: Free over $79


Made in Australia. 30-day expiry (1 month supply).

Active Ingredients: Minoxidil USP, Saw Palmetto, Azelaic Acid USP, (Biotin and Melatonin are additional and does not come with the standard formula).

Filler Ingredients: Olevit (Aqua/Water, NaCl), Jojoba Oil, Lemon Essential Oil, Rosemary Essential Oil.

Preservative: Phenoxyethanol

Phenoxyethanol sounds like a alcohol, but it is an ether used globally in personal care products. Phenoxyethanol is considered as an antimicrobial agent in the Australian Pharmaceutical Formulary

Minoxidil 5% Azelaic Acid 5% Saw Palmetto (alcohol-free) 60ml
Minoxidil 5% Azelaic Acid 5% Saw Palmetto (alcohol-free) 60ml Sale price$55.99AUD Regular price$69.99AUD

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