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Article: Evidence for Prebiotic Skincare

Evidence for Prebiotic Skincare

Evidence for Prebiotic Skincare

Prebiotics work in a similar way for the skin as they do for the digestive system. They help keep the skin microbiome in a balanced state, thus the skin complexion is never too oily and never too dry. 

What is Skin Microbiome?

Skin microbiome refers to the mix of good bacteria, yeast and fungi that naturally live on your skin surface. Each individual has their own unique skin microbiome and changes to your skin microbiome can be linked to skin sensitivity; and skin inflammation such as acne and dermatitis. 

The skin microbiome needs to be in a balanced state to prevent overgrowth of harmful organisms and help maintain the skin’s immunity. 

How does Prebiotic Skincare work?

Prebiotics in skincare serves as a food source or nutrient for the bacteria on your skin, thus creating a healthy environment for the skin microbiome. When used regularly, they help restore healthy looking skin.

Prebiotics are not the same as Probiotics and therefore refrigeration is not required. 

You are probably wondering what is the evidence for prebiotic skincare by now! See our references below for documented evidence. 

Types of Prebiotic Skincare

Some of our favourite Prebiotic Skincare to complete your daily skin routine include: 


Author: Helen Lam, Pharmacist and Editor for ellé derm




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