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Article: 3 Reasons Why Men need Skincare

3 Reasons Why Men need Skincare

3 Reasons Why Men need Skincare

Traditionally men’s skincare doesn’t go beyond beard balm and waxes. Keeping your skin in a healthy state not only gives you more confidence, but also keeps away skin infections and delays wrinkles.⠀

Men’s skin is generally oilier than women’s but is blessed to produce more collagen so they will generally “age better” when compared to females from the same age. However, this can be affected by lifestyle factors such as diet, sleeping patterns and sun exposure.⠀

So if you want to age gracefully like a nice bottle of whiskey, read on and embrace these easy daily skincare routines:

1: Men’s skin is generally oilier and so is more prone to acne and blackheads. Using a good exfoliating cleanser will help remove oil and dirt build up in the pores. The ellé derm Skin Renewal Face Wash is a good starting point.⠀

If you have very dry and sensitive skin, opt for a gentle cream cleanser instead. Clinique Sensitive Face Wash is a suitable alternative.⠀

2: Invest in a good anti-ageing moisturiser from 26-28+ onwards. They say prevention is better than treatment and this also applies to skincare. So although testosterone levels don’t decrease until later years, its better to start earlier as our skin is faced daily with environmental pollution and UV light which can contribute to the ageing process.⠀

3: Sunscreen is vital everyday before heading outdoors. ⠀

Pro tip:⠀
Don’t forget hydration. This pivotal to keeping the skin healthy and well hydrated. ⠀




Author: Helen Lam, Pharmacist and Editor for ellé derm