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The Truth about Collagen Cream | ellé derm


Most luxury skincare products claim to have added collagen for their anti-ageing effects. The truth is, naturally occurring collagen is produced in the deeper layers of skin to maintain skin structure and tone.

Collagen molecules present in skincare products are way too big to penetrate into the deeper layers. Instead, they sit on the upper surface of the skin. 

Bioengineered hydrolysed collagen on the other hand, are smaller molecules which enables them to penetrate into deeper layers of the skin to work their magic. These are usually much more expensive and used by premium skincare brands. Studies have shown however, hydrolyzed collagen is not nearly as effective as direct collagen stimulation or taking collagen supplements. 

This means that collagen production can only be stimulated in 2 ways: 

1: Eating certain types of collagen rich food - a much more effective method to build collagen for the skin, thus reduce wrinkles; and 

2: Using ingredients in Skincare products that indirectly stimulates collagen production such as Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) and peptides (certain amino acids responsible for building collagen) .

Why should we care about collagen?

Our body require collagen for a number of reasons including maintaining bone health, skin health, boost muscle mass, joint health, as well as healthy hair and nail. 

As we age, our body doesn’t absorb nutrients as well or produce collagen as effectively. Our bones become weaker, skin looses elasticity and firmness and joints can become painful. Hence, collagen supplement becomes important as we age. Ingesting collagen can boost overall health of all the areas which require collagen but not all of it goes to maintaining skin integrity. 

It is important to combine other methods such as sun protection and using skincare products which contain Hylauronic Acid and Hydrolysed Collagen. Hydrolysed Collagen are smaller molecules which enables them to penetrate into deeper layers of the skin to work their magic.





Helen Lam B Pharm. MPS

Pharmacist & Editor for ellé derm

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