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Article: Acne Diet: is it a thing?

Acne Diet: is it a thing?

Acne Diet: is it a thing?

There is no doubt certain foods can cause a acne breakout. If there is such a thing as a hormonal "acne diet", avoiding the following food categories (or reduce your intake) has been shown to keep acne under the control: 
  • Avoid excess dairy - this can lead to increase in sebum production
  • Avoid excess sugar - sugar raises your insulin levels which causes a rise in inflammatory markers
  • Avoid high intake of processed food such as refined carbohydrates or those with a high glycemic index - these too can raise insulin levels, leading to a rise in inflammatory markers. A large study was conducted in the US found patients who were on a low glycemic index diet not only lost weight, but 87% found their acne had improved dramatically and 91% reported needing fewer acne medications
  • Zinc supplements have been shown to assist in the management of acne and skin repair. Studies have shown 20mg-40mg daily is sufficient, just remember to take these after food to avoid nausea


Foods which have been found to have a positive effect on individuals with acne:

  • Foods which are high in antioxidants as these are also anti-inflammatory
  • Increase consumption of fish and healthy oils which are high in omega-3 fatty acids.  

Where you are breaking out can also give an indication of what is going inside your body. Check out our acne mapping guide. 



Written by:

Helen Lam (B Pharm). MPS








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