Treating hyperpigmentation according to skin type


Did you know your skin type can influence how aggressively you should treat hyperpigmentation? 


People with Skin Type IV to VI are more prone to rebound hyperpigmentation, especially to strong ingredients that can cause irritation or inflammation. The melanocytes in those with Skin Type IV to VI are more active and produce more melanin than people with Skin Type I to III.


The melanocytes in those with Skin Type I to III are less active and therefore are less likely to suffer from post-acne hyperpigmentation. Post-acne erythema is also less common in these three groups.


In rare cases, Skin Type III can also behave similarly to Skin Type IV. 


For this reason, it is always best to approach severe hyperpigmentation under specialised care and always choose gentle and effective ingredients. 

All of our spot correcting serums are formulated so they can be used in any skin type. We understand  it is already stressful enough having to deal with hyperpigmentation, we want you to have the confidence that our spot correcting products are safe and effective for your skin type, no matter where you are.