Acne is a condition that can follow some of us into adulthood. 

At ellé derm, we currently have products suitable for minimising breakouts and treating post-acne hyperpigmentation. 

We are pleased to announce we are working on a pharmaceutical-grade product for the management of acne. Due to come out in Q4 (December 2021). Sign up for our newsletter to be notified when new products are released. 


Current recommendations: 


  • Brightening and Detoxifying Clay Mask: Control oil production, prevent the build-up of oil and bacteria inside pores and minimise breakouts. This product uses Australian Red and Pink Clay to gently draw out impurities whilst delivering natural minerals back into the skin. 
  • Luminous Silk Brightening Serum:  A clinical spot corrector formulated for post-acne hyperpigmentation and moderate sunspots. This hydroquinone alternative is suitable for all skin types and is pregnancy safe.